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A company recently reached out to us for help with a big problem – they had a 50,000 square feet luxury vinyl plank flooring failure due to water in the concrete. The flooring contractor that had installed the flooring didn’t take the time to perform moisture testing, and the slab got up to 100% RH, causing the flooring failure.

To properly address this vinyl plank flooring failure they would need to 1) rip out the flooring, 2) shot blast the slab to open the pores, 3) apply a two-part epoxy moisture mitigation solution, and then THEN apply self-leveler and install new product. This created a literal million-dollar problem for the company.


We asked if they’d be open to carpet instead of vinyl. If so, they could potentially avoid a costly moisture mitigation. Carpet tiles with open-cell construction allow moisture vapor to breathe through the product, as opposed to being trapped beneath it – which is what causes the problems. That carpet carries a full warranty with no RH limit, no moisture testing necessary AND this solution would bring the project cost down 50%. This would be a huge savings.

We’ll see what happens – the company needs to talk to attorneys and the flooring contractor they had used about what’s going to happen next. Not fun!

As a commercial flooring contractor, our company — GP Flooring Solutions – is not always the cheapest. We ARE the least expensive, though. Our team knows how to anticipate and avoid problems like this one. And if there is any flooring issue that does come up, we will work relentlessly to help you solve it with the most cost-effective solution possible.

Our service offerings include:

Moisture Remediation

GP Flooring Solutions offers moisture remediation services for facilities experiencing problems caused by moisture in the concrete substrate. When moisture gets trapped in a concrete slab, it can create the perfect environment for mold growth and also compromise the integrity of adhesives and floor-coverings. We are very familiar with these challenges and offer several moisture remediation solutions.

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