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We never want to see you, our valued customers, lose time or money. Sadly, it happens all too often. Many times, it is due to avoidable flooring mistakes. With nearly 250 years of combined experience, our sales team has seen it all. Here are a few items from our experience of the top situations to anticipate and mistakes to avoid:

1. Choosing the cheapest option – The cheapest option might seem less expensive now, but is it really cheaper over time? Since the price of materials has increased, choosing the lower-priced option might seem like the safer way to go. However, less expensive products often need to be replaced sooner. Ask yourself if you are looking for a short-term or long-term solution. If your answer is long-term, we recommend you buy the best product that fits within your budget. Regardless of the material you use, your labor will likely cost the same, so consider longevity when deciding on products. Need to make a short-term decision? We can assist with finding the most cost-efficient option!

2. Not Planning for Surprises – It is never fun to hear that your flooring contractor has uncovered a surprise, so plan for it just in case.

  • Let us examine your floor. We will lift a few spots before recommending options for you. We will check for loose substrate or any other obvious issues that might change our recommendation.
  • If you have 9x9s or 12x12s that might be hot, has the area/glue been tested for asbestos? Do you have documentation of that testing?  If not, take the time to do that before the project begins. If you have ever had to ask your office staff to pack up their desks more than once because a contractor uncovered a surprise, you know why this is so important!
  • Moisture is not your (floor’s) friend. It can cost you a fortune. If you suspect there is a moisture issue, take the time to test. Ask us – we can do the test for you. It’s better to test before deciding on a product than to ask for one after your new investment has failed.

3. Not Hiring the Right Team – This goes hand-in-hand with #1. Cheaper is not often better.

  • Top-notch flooring contractors are problem solvers. Our team can provide quality installations while helping you avoid problems. We can mitigate the challenges when issues do arise, saving you money in the long run.
  • Choose contractors who are there when you call, have your best interests in mind, and will always do the right thing. There is a reason some contractors are the cheapest option. We pride ourselves on setting ourselves apart from them.

GP Flooring Solutions is not always the cheapest. However, we ARE the least expensiveOur team knows how to anticipate, avoid, and work through problems. We will work relentlessly to help you solve problems with the most cost-effective solution possible. Email us to learn more about how we can help you avoid costly flooring mistakes in your upcoming project.