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Abby Reinhard was recently interviewed by Andrew Brady of The XLR Team, Inc. for his “EVOlution of Business” podcast.
The interview focused on how GP Flooring Solutions has built a strong team culture. Abby’s priority from the time she purchased the company was to create a great place to work. A key step was to define the Core Values for the company. She and other managers first looked around at the team members and made a list of the important values and attributes that each one embodied. Over time these values came to define how the company operates, and who the company hires. The Core Values are also the basis for weekly “shout outs!” that team members give to show appreciation for each other for a job well done.
Abby strongly believes that the culture of a company can enable team members to feel connected and appreciated, and this in turn makes the team more productive and cohesive.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

And read about the GP Flooring Solutions Core Values here: