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Micron floor coating - Tile Seal

A lot of our customers aren’t aware they could use certain floor coatings to eliminate floor wax and also save a ton of time and money. I honestly believe that micron floor coatings are the best-kept secret in flooring.

Below are five bullet points on micron floor coatings, so you can get the gist of the options available.

5 Things to Know About Floor Coatings

1.) Say Goodbye to Floor Wax — and Save: By replacing floor wax with a micron coating, you can cut floor-care labor by 30% to 70%. Floors look better and your team never has to spend the time (or pollute the environment) stripping and waxing or scrubbing and coating again. For high-traffic, hygienic spaces like hospitals, the savings on labor are up to 70%. For typical commercial spaces, the savings is 30-50%. This is based on an 8-year study done by a micron coating manufacturer. (OK, they’re biased, but our customers are seeing similar outcomes.)

2.) Rescue Bathroom Floors: The micron tile and grout solution restores your bathroom floors to look brand new and seals them that way for years. No more discoloration, odors, or grime — ever. Seriously.

3.) Decrease Risk of Slips and Falls: We add grip aggregates to significantly improve the slip resistance of your floors, which is a big deal for your organization’s liability concerns, and doesn’t affect your cleaning. We can make your wet floors have the same slip coefficient that your dry floors have now. Our maintenance team is trained in how to prepare the right “recipe” for your particular risk profile and flooring type.

4.) Easier Cleaning: Because of the sealed surface, any dirt, spills, grime, urine, salt, or grease just sit on the top of the coating — never eating in or grinding in. So your floors stay looking new and all you need to do is simple microfiber mopping and an occasional auto-scrub — that’s it.

5.) Go Greener: The long-term maintenance cycle with micron floor coatings eliminates the need for stripping chemicals and also reduces the number of cleaning chemicals needed to maintain your floors. No more pollution! Only negligible amounts of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are released during the application of micron coating products, so the impact on the environment and air quality is practically nothing. We can schedule our technicians during off-hours, so your operations are not affected.
These five benefits, plus your floors look better every day! Especially for vinyl flooring and ceramic tile, I believe applying a micron coating is one of the best things you can do.

Our maintenance operation offers more as well — repairing and polishing terrazzo flooring, resurfacing gym floors, carpet cleaning, and urethane coatings that add shine and durability to vinyl flooring. If you let us know what your floors need, we can offer a cost-effective solution! I’m personally very proud of what our maintenance technicians offer — not just in terms of their end results, but also for the commitment and professionalism they bring to each project.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions on anything related to flooring or micron floor coatings by contacting us or reaching out to today!