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Disinfecting Services and Maintenance

Harsh disinfectants with high pH levels can destroy flooring over time and void warranties as droplets from fogging or spraying end up interacting with your floor covering. This has become a real issue lately.

Proper pH levels for cleaning/disinfection are typically in the 7 – 8 range (check your flooring warranties for this information). However, some of the leading disinfectants are well beyond these numbers. Clorox 360, for example, has a pH level of 11.9. High pH disinfectants and other harsh disinfectants are being sprayed heavily, causing damage to flooring as well as paint and other finishes.

The solution is a pH-neutral disinfectant that is proven to be just as effective at eliminating bacteria and COVID-19. Our Disinfection Services use a hospital-grade, pH neutral disinfectant with our clients, which is completely safe for people and finishes.

For more information, please our Maintenance Manager, Mike Maslyn at or 585-953-6030.


“Our needs were over and above basic cleaning – we were looking for the deep cleaning, sanitizing, and fogging applications. Whenever we have had an issue, I have found GP Flooring’s staff to be well-trained, friendly, and responsive. I feel that they understand what our needs and challenges are and consistently work toward achieving expectations.”

– Lance D., Facilities Maintenance Director, CooperVision


Antimicrobial Spraying
To protect against viruses and bacteria for up to six months, our antimicrobial treatment can be applied throughout your facility. After we spray, the solution bonds to any surface and remains bonded so it can continue killing microbes indiscriminately for three to six months, depending on how often the surface is touched. Our antimicrobial service is invaluable as a front-line defense against the coronavirus and any next wave of new or mutating viruses.
Antibacterial Fogging
We fog large areas to kill viruses and bacteria, using a hospital-grade deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. With a focus on high-touch and common-space areas, this procedure is extremely effective and non-toxic. It’s food safe, and you can occupy the treated areas immediately.
Flooring Sanitizing & Disinfecting
For carpet, we do low-moisture deep cleaning with a deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. We scrub hard surfaces clean and coat them with a hospital-grade disinfectant.
Disinfectant Cleaning
We wipe down high-touch, high-traffic areas with hospital-grade disinfectant.
Disinfecting by GP Flooring Solutions using pH neutral disinfects and not harsh disinfectants that damage flooring

GP Flooring Solutions products meet CDC and EPA efficacy requirements against the novel coronavirus.