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By Abby Reinhard

Here’s a list of five ways you can reduce the burden of cleaning and maintaining your floors, saving your team a lot of time, and ultimately a good deal of money.

  1. Choose alternatives to Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) that don’t require waxing
    • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
      • Gorgeous range of designs (e.g. wood or stone look)
      • Heavy duty loose-lay LVT, such as “Hot & Heavy” by Mohawk, requires no adhesive and can go over asbestos tile and avoid abatement
      • Low maintenance — no wax, just wet mop!
    • MCT by Forbo
      • Marmoleum composition tile – linoleum in tile form — 100% natural materials
      • Homogeneous – not a layered product, so scrapes don’t show
      • Occupancy ready finish
    • Johnsonite iQ
      • Homogeneous – not a layered product, so scrapes don’t show
      • No waxing required — just wet mop and dry buff to luster
      • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly
  2. Choose a “mildew-proof” carpet alternative to reduce odors
    • Powerbond by Tandus
      • Closed-cell construction means no moisture can get absorbed
      • Performs like sheet vinyl; looks and feels like carpet. Seams are chemically welded.
      • Improves air quality
      • Anti-microbial/ anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal
  3. Minimize wear and tear of carpet
    • Cushion backed carpet tile
      • Lasts 30%+ longer than non-cushioned tiles
      • Available with Bentley, Tandus, Mannington, Interface and Milliken
    • Solid-back carpet tile and woven broadloom (rather than traditional broadloom)
      • Carpet tile backing is adhered to fibers and won’t zipper on the edges
      • A woven broadloom backing will not zipper like a traditional broadloom backing
  4. Choose safer flooring and reduce your liability
    • Reduce slips and falls
      • Slip resistant flooring by Johnsonite and Mannington
      • Walk-off matting will reduce the snow/water on the floor
    • Eliminate tripping hazards
      • Use Seam + Advantage by Mannington to chemically weld hard-surface to carpet, eliminating transition strips
      • Select the right transition strips between different flooring types
      • Use high-visibility, non-slip stair treads
  5. Use walk-off matting systems to keep debris at the door
    • Walking on 6 ft. of walk-off matting removes 40% percent of debris from the average person’s shoes*
    • 20 ft. removes about 80% percent of debris from shoes*
    • 39 ft. removes 98% percent of debris from shoes*

      * Source

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