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Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Provide your customers, employees, and visitors with a healthy and safe environment with out disinfecting services. GP Clean, a division of GP Flooring, is here to help with products and services that meet CDC and EPA requirements against the Coronavirus. Our antimicrobial disinfectant lasts three to six months and kills viruses on contact. 

Our Services


Antimicrobial Services

To protect against viruses and bacteria for up to six months, our antimicrobial treatment can be applied throughout your facility. After we spray, the solution bonds to any surface and remains bonded so it can continue killing microbes indiscriminately for three to six months, depending on how often the surface is touched. Our antimicrobial service is invaluable as a front-line defense against the coronavirus and any next wave of new or mutating viruses.


Antibacterial Fogging

We fog large areas to kill viruses and bacteria, using a hospital-grade deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. With a focus on high-touch and common-space areas, this procedure is extremely effective and non-toxic – it’s food safe, and you can occupy the treated areas immediately.


Disinfectant Cleaning

We wipe down high-touch, high-traffic areas with hospital-grade disinfectant.


Flooring Disinfectant

For carpet, we do low-moisture deep cleaning with a deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. We scrub hard surfaces clean and coat them with a hospital-grade disinfectant.

EPA and CDC Approved

The novel coronavirus has been shown to remain on surfaces for 24 hours to three days. This is why professional, tested disinfecting services are so valuable as a front-line defense and against the next wave of new or mutating viruses. Our cleaning and disinfecting services and products meet the CDC and EPA efficacy requirements against the novel coronavirus and can leave your surfaces protected from viruses 24/7, giving your employees and visitors peace of mind.

Disinfecting in Action

The GP Clean team uses patented antimicrobial technology that meets CDC and EPA standards to disinfect a local office space. This antimicrobial solution kills the coronavirus on contact and remains on surfaces for three to six months of protection.

This disinfectant is trusted by hospitals, government agencies, universities, and elite sports teams to disinfect their facilities. It has been tested and found effective against pathogens including the Human Coronavirus (ATCC VR-740, strain 229E) and SARS associated Coronavirus (ZeptoMetrix).

Disinfectant in Action

This disinfectant lasts three to six months, depending on the material treated, and kills viruses and germs before they can adhere to the surface. The solution’s positively charged nitrogen atom ruptures the cell wall of the microbe upon contact. The microbe is then blown apart and completely destroyed before ever making contact with the surface of the material protected by the disinfectant. The physical kill process remains active on the surface for long periods of time after it dries. Because of the nature of the coronavirus, a long-lasting disinfectant is especially important.

Electrostatic Spraying

Why Antimicrobial Spraying? Standard disinfection is a short-term solution, because once a surface is touched or air starts flowing again, it’s re-contaminated. And it’s not possible to have someone cleaning every surface 24/7 to protect against the coronavirus or any other microbes. With our non-toxic antimicrobial solution, we use electrostatic spraying throughout your facility – or just on your most commonly touched surfaces – to kill any microbes and leave behind a layer of protection. We come back to your facility after three months for sample testing, to show how well the product is still working and to ensure the highest level of continual protection.


Our needs were over and above basic cleaning — we were looking for deep cleaning, sanitizing, and fogging applications. I have found GP Flooring’s staff to be well trained, friendly and responsive. They always do their best to ensure that concerns are addressed and have really gone above and beyond on several occasions. I feel that they understand what our needs and challenges are and consistently work towards achieving expectations. I would recommend their service without hesitation.

Lance D.

Facilities Maintenance Director, CooperVision

GP Flooring provides exceptional customer service and has always delivered – consistently, without any headaches. I cannot say enough good things about GP Flooring.

Onyekachi A.

Director of Space Planning, University and Medical Facilities

GP Flooring is always the best price, is extremely knowledgeable about their products, and their installation team is the BEST I’ve ever worked with. I refuse to even consider any other flooring company when I have the choice.

Fred B.

Maintenance Supervisor, Court System

Let’s Work Together

Use the contact form or email us at to learn more about cleaning and disinfecting services for your facility. You can also reach Mike Maslyn, Maintenance Team Lead, at (585) 953-6030 for immediate cleaning and disinfecting inquiries.

GP Flooring Solutions is a full-service commercial flooring contractor, certified WBE (Women Business Enterprise), and authorized dealer on the NY State Floor-Covering contract, offering flooring consultation, sales, installation, and maintenance, including cleaning and disinfecting.