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Man in protective suit using spray bottle with disinfectant for decontamination and cleaning in the office

Disinfect & Protect

Protect surfaces in your facilities for 3 – 6 months and decrease your COVID-19 cleaning costs


We all know the importance of disinfecting facilities, not only to keep up with current COVID-19 guidelines but, to protect everyone’s health. But there is much more to disinfecting than just wiping or spraying. For instance, did you know:

  1. Many disinfecting agents have high or low pH levels, which can damage your flooring and other surfaces over time – and potentially void warranties.
  2. Antimicrobial treatments can remain on surfaces for up to 6 months, providing an active barrier that kills viruses and any microbes on contact.

Watch this brief video clip to learn more about these two COVID disinfection tips and how you can help protect the health of your facility and everyone in it:


Disinfecting and Protecting Against COVID-19 Video


COVID-19 cases are on the rise. It’s never been more important for businesses to take the right steps to protect their visitors, staff, and tenants from this deadly virus. That’s why we created GP Clean, a division of GP Flooring Solutions that specializes in disinfecting and protection services. We have the tools, products, and expertise to keep your buildings safe and looking great.


Our disinfecting and cleaning services include:

Antimicrobial Spraying

To protect against viruses and bacteria for up to six months, our antimicrobial treatment can be applied throughout your facility. After we spray, the solution bonds to any surface and remains bonded so it can continue killing microbes indiscriminately for three to six months, depending on how often the surface is touched. Our antimicrobial service is invaluable as a front-line defense against the coronavirus and any next wave of new or mutating viruses.

Antibacterial Fogging

We fog large areas to kill viruses and bacteria, using a hospital-grade deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. With a focus on high-touch and common-space areas, this procedure is extremely effective and non-toxic – it’s food safe, and you can occupy the treated areas immediately.

Flooring Sanitizing and Disinfecting

For carpet, we do low-moisture deep cleaning with a deodorizer and antibacterial disinfectant. We scrub hard surfaces clean and coat them with a hospital-grade disinfectant.

Disinfectant Cleaning

We wipe down high-touch, high-traffic areas with hospital-grade disinfectant.


Download this brochure or visit our website to see how a disinfecting treatment can keep your facility protected from COVID and other viruses for 3-6 months!

For a free consultation, or to learn more about our disinfection services, please contact GP Flooring Solutions today at 585-637-2828 or email our Maintenance Manager, Mike Maslyn, at