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Certified Woman Business
Enterprise (WBE)

NYS WBE #59619


At GP Flooring Solutions we are passionate about our Core Values, which provide the foundation for our company’s culture. They guide us as we seek to add new members to our team, because it’s essential that we live these values. And most importantly, our Core Values delineate how we treat our clients and other business associates. When you interact with a member of our team, you will experience these Core Values in action

Always do the right thing
• Make the tough call
• Always do what’s best, not what’s easiest
• Put the needs of the customer first
• Be professional under all circumstances
• Have integrity and pride in every decision and action

Exceed everyone’s expectations
• Have a winning mindset
• Communicate clearly and often
• Set realistic expectations
• Embrace challenges and change
• Think one step ahead

Care passionately
• Love and help our team and customers
• Communicate openly about ideas or concerns
• Actively listen to customers’ needs
• Express appreciation
• Be obsessed with improvement

Be quick yet thorough
• When in doubt, “check it out.”
• Prioritize quality first, speed second
• Respond to customers right away
• Keep the vision, mind the details

Have fun and enjoy life
• Smile, laugh, and celebrate often
• Be filled with gratitude
• Renew and recharge regularly
• If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine
• Spend quality time with your friends, family, and team