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Commercial Flooring Products and Services


Commercial carpet tile and broadloom carpet products for your design and installation needs.


Extremely durable and easy to clean, vinyl flooring products offer a range of affordable design options.


Naturally slip-resistant, rubber is highly resilient, with smooth and textured material options.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile provides a beautiful and durable flooring alternative to stone or wood.

Access Flooring

Access flooring is an elevated floor built above an original concrete slab surface, creating a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.


Safe and durable stair products and treads for your commercial facility.

Entrance Systems

The functionality of your flooring at your entrances plays an important role in the maintenance of the rest of your floors and creates a first impression of your facility.


One of the most natural and sustainable flooring solutions on the market, linoleum has been sought-after for its natural beauty, comfort and durability for over 150 years.


Wood is an attractive choice that brings authenticity and warmth to a commercial interior. 

Sports Surfaces

Sports surfaces must be durable, able to absorb shock to protect players, and have some give while still offering support to facilities the best possible game for your players.


ElectroStatic Dissipative (ESD) flooring is critical for companies that deal with the handling or manufacturing of sensitive electronic components to provide static protection.


The design of your flooring can have the single biggest impact on an interior space. Our team and design consultants can create a beautiful space through flooring design.


Your old flooring can be turned into other products, including new flooring. Our recycling initiative helps our clients reduce their impact on the environment by diverting materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Moisture Remediation

Moisture in concrete can cause flooring failure and other problemss. Our team can identify and solve any moisture risks or problems.

Floor Leveling

To ensure a flat, smooth, and level underlayment, self-leveling concrete is installed over substrate.

GP Flooring Solutions’ Commercial Flooring Products and Services by the Numbers

GP Flooring Solutions offers an extensive library of commercial flooring products and services featuring all of the leading commercial flooring manufacturers in the industry. By having this wide variety of flooring products at our fingertips, we are able to provide guidance on both features and benefits of multiple flooring options without limitation or bias.

By knowing our product portfolio inside and out, our sales team can provide quick and accurate answers to your biggest questions. And we don’t just stop at the aesthetics. We provide input on finish, longevity, and maintenance to protect your flooring investment.

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Commercial Carpet Tile

Carpet tile is a popular solution for commercial environments. They are often a wise investment because individual tiles can be replaced without having to replacing the entire floor. Carpet tile work well in spaces that see high foot traffic such as universities, medical facilities, offices, and airports.


Additional Benefits
  • Moisture-resistant backing typically prevents penetration to the flooring of spills or bacteria.

  • Less raveling of seams and edges

  • Many design options to create a custom aesthetic

  • Sustainability due to less material waste on projects with unusually shaped rooms

  • Greater structural integrity often than broadloom

  • Project efficiency and low turnaround with ease of shipping and storage

Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom or “rolled” carpet, like carpet tile, provides a more insulated flooring than hard-surface. Carpet can hide many sub-floor irregularities that would not be possible with hard-surface flooring, and it allows for affordable installations. Carpet also provides thermal benefits, acoustical benefits, and greater comfort underfoot than hard-surface flooring. Our team can configure the broadloom cuts to minimize seaming. Broadloom carpet can allow for larger, elegant patterns that are difficult to achieve with carpet tile, and is therefore popular in hospitality settings.

Vinyl Flooring 101

Vinyl flooring products can be engineered to look like hardwood, tile, and stone, offering solutions that meet both design and budget considerations.

VCT Vinyl Composite Tile Vector
VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)

This easy-to-clean, commercial-grade flooring is an affordable product type that resists cracking, splitting, or peeling in areas with high volume traffic. VCT combines color and design options with durability. The unique use of color runs throughout the tile to minimize the appearance of small scrapes or scuffs. It can be refinished to extend floor life, and with its recycled content, can be a great choice for LEED projects.

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile Vector
LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

For a cost-effective and durable alternative to natural stone floors, high-performance Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) can provide a beautiful result. Resilient and moisture resistant, this vinyl tile is affordable and easy to maintain. For commercial application, having a thick wear-layer as the outer layer of the product is critical for making it resistant to scratches and other damage.  Installation options include glue-down, click-together, or loose-lay, depending on the application.

LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank Vector
LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

Similar to LVT, LVP is cost-effective and durable, and it provides a beautiful and high-performance alternative to hardwood floors. This flooring option gives the look, grain, and texture of real hardwood floors with the waterproof properties of vinyl. Contemporary LVP can withstand foot traffic, resist stains, and minimize scratches, dents, and scuffs that happen in busy commercial spaces. Some LVP styles offer individual planks that can be easily removed and replaced if damaged. LVT and LVP can provide LEED points and satisfy green building standards.

Sheet Vinyl Vector
Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl comes in tile and wood finishes and is manufactured as one solid rolled piece of flooring for seamless installation. For the spaces that require a seam, we have finishing measures and techniques that work especially well to create a continuous smooth surface for infection control and smoother gurney transportation in healthcare environments. Sheet vinyl is extremely durable, and it repels dirt, moisture, and resists scuffing. With low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) water based inks and LEED certified options, sheet vinyl is environmentally friendly — and it can also be budget friendly.

Using Rubber Floors

Rubber flooring comes in rolled goods, square tiles, or interlocking tiles. Highly resilient and naturally shock-absorbing, rubber flooring creates an ideal environment for public areas such as airports, schools, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, hospitality, retail, and offices. Slip and stain resistant, rubber flooring works well for your laboratory, computer room, corridors and stairwells. Rubber can be either smooth or textured, ranging in all colors. Rubber is a natural material, which makes for a great choice for environmental health.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile for your commercial flooring allows you to create amazing stone or wood-look designs. Ceramic tile provides beauty and durability that is cost-effective, especially as compared with natural stone. Ceramic is often a great choice for commercial spaces across several industries due to its specialized space requirements, and need for both durability, sustainability, and ease of maintenance

  • One of the longest-lasting floors available

  • Moisture and stain resistant

  • Fade-resistant options

  • Easy to clean

  • Environmentally sensitive

Flooring solutions in a healthcare facility need to stand up to heavy foot traffic, prevent damage of spills and chemicals, be slip-resistant, and help protect from harmful bacteria or other contaminants — all while leaving a comforting and professional impression on patients and visitors. Waiting rooms, exam rooms, laboratories, and all medical offices need highly durable flooring products that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, are easier to clean, and will keep your medical facility looking polished. Our GP Flooring Solutions team can help you select the right products for your specific facility needs — and we offer impeccable workmanship for the intricate installation methods often necessary in healthcare facilities.

The flooring you choose for your school or university setting can have a tremendous influence on the learning environment. Choosing the right flooring product is important because it can impact the operational and maintenance costs, as well as the aesthetics, acoustics, and thermal properties of your facility. GP Flooring Solutions can help you choose a floor for each facility and room that keeps up with heavy foot traffic, stays within your budget, and delivers long-term value.


We focus on the delivery of sustainable commercial flooring products and services that work to extend the life of your flooring investment while reducing raw material consumption. We are continuously evaluating methods to reduce material waste and other processes that negatively impact our environment.

Remove and Recycle

Our environmentally friendly remove-and-recycle service takes the hassle out of responsible disposal for our clients. We will accept and recycle virtually all carpet, vinyl flooring, LVT, and ceramic materials. We’ll take care of the entire process, from start to finish, so you get the most from your commercial flooring products and services.

USGBC’s LEED™ System

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building, community, and home project types, LEED provides a framework to create healthy, efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. GP Flooring Solutions personnel have knowledge of LEED products and methods, with leadership from our Vice President, Josh Reinhard, who is LEED AP certified – a prestigious credential.

Selective Replacement

We promote the use of modular products, such as carpet tile, for selective replacement. This allows us to replace only those sections of carpet that receive the most wear. That reduces product waste and in turn, saves the client money. Additionally, we can redesign a space by reusing carpet tiles in other spaces within a facility.

Moisture Remediation

GP Flooring Solutions offers flooring moisture remediation services for facilities that experience moisture problems, as in with concrete structures. These issues may be caused by the omission of a moisture barrier underneath concrete slabs with new builds in order to meet budget and/or time constraints. Older buildings that were constructed before moisture barrier technology may experience moisture issues that vary with the weather.

When moisture gets trapped in a concrete slab it can create ideal conditions for mold growth and can compromise the integrity of adhesives and floor-covering. With moisture being a common issue in New York, we are very familiar with the challenges. We use several moisture remediation techniques that range from temporary to permanent resolutions for spaces with moisture issues to protect your investment in commercial flooring products and services.

Our Work

Our goal is to exceed expectations. Every day, and on every job. To us, this means even more than delivering the best quality commercial flooring products and services. This means delivering customer service excellence, rapid response, and un-matched industry expertise. From planning and install to the final walk through, our highly-trained staff works with you to understand your requirements, and help realize the vision for your unique space. Browse a sample of our projects and see what our clients have to say.