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Ceramic tile for your commercial flooring allows you to create amazing stone or even wood-look designs. Ceramic tile provides beauty and durability that is cost-effective, especially as compared with natural stone. Ceramic is often a great choice for commercial spaces across several industries due to their specialized space requirements, and need for both durability, sustainability, and ease of maintenance.


The flooring you choose for your school or university setting can have tremendous influence on the learning environment. Choosing the right flooring product is important because it can impact the operational and maintenance costs, as well as the aesthetics, acoustics and thermal properties of your facility. GP Flooring Solutions can help you choose a floor for each facility and room that keeps up with heavy foot traffic, stays within your budget, and delivers long-term value.


Flooring solutions in a healthcare facility need to stand up to heavy foot traffic, prevent damage of spills and chemicals, be slip resistant, and help protect from harmful bacteria or other contaminants — all while leaving a comforting and professional impression on patients and visitors. Waiting rooms, exam rooms, laboratories, and all medical offices need highly durable flooring products that can inhibit the growth of bacteria, are easier to clean, and will keep your medical facility looking polished. Our GP Flooring Solutions team can help you select the right products for your specific facility needs — and we offer impeccable workmanship for the intricate installation methods often necessary in healthcare facilities.


  • One of the longest lasting floors available
  • Moisture and stain resistant
  • Fade resistant options
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally sensitive