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We clean your carpets faster, with less water and less down-time – and after we leave, your carpets get cleaner every time you vacuum. This is why: at GP Flooring Solutions we use a unique low-moisture carpet extraction product that dries into crystallized particles and encapsulates soil. Once the particles have dried, they are removed by your janitorial staff with regular dry vacuuming. The carpet is cleaned without over-wetting and without surfactant buildup, and that helps discourage re-soiling. You have little downtime and no risk of degrading your carpet adhesive, unlike with traditional carpet cleaning methods. Our equipment is portable, so security is not an issue as there will be no hoses running through your space and no need for doors to be propped open.

How It Works
Low-Moisture Carpet Solution is sprayed onto the carpet fibers and agitated using a counter-rotating brush machine. This is performed in a “W” pattern to create a sawtooth appearance. When the carpet is dry, soil is encapsulated and suspended, and is then vacuumed out of the carpet.

Our team delivers professionally cleaned carpet that keeps getting cleaner with every vacuum – and without the downsides of traditional carpet cleaning methods.