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By Abby Reinhard

1.) Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
-Very affordable purchase price
-Durable with proper care and maintenance

-Limited aesthetics; can be associated with sterile environments
-Extensive and labor-intensive maintenance requirements with waxing and polishing
-Often not the most affordable option over the lifetime of the flooring due to maintenance required

2.) Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
-Wide range of design options that can mimic the look of natural stone, wood, or other designs at a substantially lower price
-Easy and inexpensive to maintain over product lifetime — no waxing necessary
-Excellent thermal and acoustic properties, reducing temperature fluctuation and noise levels over other types of hard flooring

-Doesn’t match the noise absorption of carpet
-Isn’t “bullet proof” — it can get scratches if hard furniture doesn’t have proper protection and digs into the floor

3.) Broadloom/Rolled Carpet
-Better acoustic profiles compared to hard surface flooring
-Conducive to large patterns and elegant designs
-Often less expensive than carpet tile

-Less durable than carpet tiles due to lack of multi-layered structure and built-in backing that protects the carpet fibers
-Difficult to maintain appearance because you can’t easily replace sections of the carpet for stains
-A lot of waste of material during installation due to fitting broadloom to interior spaces

4.) Carpet Tile
-Acoustical benefits similar to broadloom
-Better structural integrity due to the composition of the carpet tiles
-Carpet tiles with built-in cushion can reduce wear and tear of the fibers and improve underfoot comfort

-Monochromatic carpet tiles can look like tiles, with visible seams. New designs disguise and/or embrace a modular look
-Often more expensive than broadloom/rolled carpet

*Note: Abby used Milliken’s Flooring Blog as a reference in creating this overview.