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By Abby Reinhard

Before winter hits, we wanted to share pricing and performance information with you on walk-off mats.

According to industry reports:

  • Walk-off mats can remove up to 98 percent of debris from shoes:
    • Walking on 6 feet of walk-off tile/matting removes about 40 percent of debris from the average person’s shoes
    • 20 feet removes about 80 percent of debris from shoes
    • 39 feet removes 98 percent of debris from shoes

We’re seeing more and more of our customers opt for walk-off tile because the designs now look like carpet tile (they’re no longer just plain gray!) — and the walk-offs help them better maintain their carpet/flooring throughout their facilities while minimizing slips and falls. Walk-off mats come in both rolled goods as well as tiles, and they require only vacuuming and a periodic cleaning to maintain.

The most cost-effective walk-off mats range in price from $3.00-$4.44 per square foot (or $27-$40 per square yard).

You could order now and have walk-off mats before December!

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