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Flooring installtion and how to save money on flooring

Costs are up, budgets are down, and your floors are past their prime. What to do?  

Here’s some positive information that might help you save money on flooring materials, installation, and maintenance for your facility:  

1.) Costs haven’t increased on the New York State Contractyet!

Although manufacturers are facing increased costs and have recently raised most of their prices, they haven’t yet increased the prices on the State Contract. As of now, if you’re at a government or non-profit organization, it’s a great time to buy off the State Contract! The national Sourcewell contract is a great option as well to save money on flooring.

2.) The CARES Act makes flooring replacement now 100% tax-deductible.

Interior renovation costs used to be only partially deductible. Thanks to recent legislation, private building owners can now deduct 100% of the costs. 

3.) You can often restore or revitalize your flooring rather than replace it

Specialty cleaning and floor coatings can work magic on hard surfaces – whether you have stained tile and grout, discolored VCT, or scratched LVT. Most carpet can be revitalized with professional cleaning. (We love low-moisture encapsulation cleaning!) Whether you use our maintenance team to bring your floors back to life or not, were always happy to advise on your optionsWe’re happy to answer any flooring-related questions.  

4.) Commercial carpet tile remains affordable.

Carpet has been losing market share to hard-surface flooring and so there has been downward pressure on the price of carpet the past several years. At the same time, new technology has made carpet tile production more efficient and has also improved the durability of the product over time. You might be happy to learn of high-quality and beautifully designed commercial carpettile options that fit within your budget. Consider carpet tile!  

Please email us at, call us at 800-832-3550, or schedule a 15-minute call if you’re interested in discussing your flooring needs. We will always deliver the best value for your flooring materials, installation, and maintenance.